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We endorse a new approach to implementing business processes, one that brings greater agility and better integration between IT and business than those offered by Business Process Management Suites (BPMS) or Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tools.

Business-specific languages for your business processes

Programming business processes means coding the rules that govern the interactions amongst the different actors participating in thoses processes. We aim to enable you to do this using languages that:

  • Strictly adhere to the specifities of your business process
  • Can be fully understood by your business experts
  • Programmers will love programming with
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Languages loved by your business teams

We advocate programming each business process in a language designed for that process, i.e. using a custom built business-specific language (BSL) whose only responsibility is capturing the requirements of your processes in a human-understandable manner. This alone makes non-IT people feeling at home when reading the implementations.

But not only that: BSLs allow us to split development between two completely independent teams, thereby gaining a tremendous boost in agility: first, the business team in charge of implementing the business process using the business-specific language; second, the IT or non-functional team that takes care of non-functional concerns such as data persistence, web services, user experience, etc.

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Languages loved by your programmers

BPMN, BPEL, and the like fare poorly as programming techniques and are hard to integrate with other systems. Our custom BSLs are embedded within general purpose programming languages, so that programmers can create libraries of reusable processes, scale up their process applications, and forget about expressiveness limitations. Our host language of choice is Scala, one of the most popular and powerful Java Virtual Machine and Javascript compliant languages nowadays.

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Let us help you to implement your processes!

We are experts in process analysis, language design, functional programming, and Scala. A great mix of expertise at your fingertips!

Business languages design

We have a long research record and solid practical expertise on language design. With us, your company can have the language that best suits its needs.

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Transition to functional programming

The advantages of functional programming (FP) make it an appealing approach to software development. But when setting up a team of functional programmers, they need with them an expert coder who can guide them in the transition from object-oriented to FP, and explain them the major techniques and design patterns involved. We are those highly skilled programmers too!

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Let us help you to embrace the Scala revolution!

Scala has a rich and powerful ecosystem. We have a solid expertise in Scala, in its ecosystem of libraries and tools, and in functional programming. You and your team can benefit from our expertise in any of the courses we offer:

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Introduction to Scala

Introduction to Scala is a two-day course that presents the essential language features. This course is for developers who are initiating themselves in Scala's mix of object-oriented and functional features.
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Functional programming

You know some Scala but wonder what all the fuss about functional programming ("monads?, functors?, what is all that about?") is about. This course introduces FP and presents scalaz and shapeless, two Scala libraries that enable FP in the JVM.
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Web development

Play is a widely used Web development framework for Scala. This course presents its major features and how to use it for such specific problems as: developing microservices, asynchronous programming, etc.
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Distributed programming

Akka is a major driver behind the Reactive Manifesto, an as such an essential tool to create resilient systems. Learn the basics of Akka and its Scala API, and delve into the actor programming paradigm to write fault-tolerant distributed applications.
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Big data

This is a crash course on Spark --arguably the most popular Big Data framework nowadays, with a focus on its Scala API. The course emphasises the functional programming underpinnings of Spark for large-scala data processing, and will isolate the major hurdles that Java programmers face when moving from Java to Scala.
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Bespoke training

The ecosystem of Scala is vast, and you may as well want courses on sbt (simple build tool), test frameworks (specs, scalatest, scalacheck), language design, etc. We can design and teach tailor-made courses specifically created to satisfy your unique needs.

Supporting technology

You can build your Business-specific language on top of smaller and reusable languages that we have already designed, implemented, and tested!


Speech eases the creation of business languages. It saves you the substantial effort and potential blind alleys that raise when writing a language from scratch. Speech includes a catalogue of mini-languages that cover the most common concerns in business processes, such as: communication, messaging, organisation, regulations, and so forth.

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Purely functional business languages are free from non-functional concerns, and web deployment is no exception. FunPlay is a Play framework addon that takes advantage of this modular design, and provides a small language to easily implement Play controllers over purely functional services.

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Your server as a Kleisli

We take the slogan "your server as a function" one further step, and we look at implementing services from a purely functional perspective. In this view, services then become Kleislis! The service-kleisli library provides a language that allows you to create, compose, and interpret purely functional microservices.

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Financial regulations support

The Bank of Spain Risk Assessment Central Office (CIRBE) rules how financial entities and the Bank of Spain interact on risk declarations matters: reports, conflict-resolution protocols, notifications, etc. BNP Paribas Security Services (BP2S) applies a language defined by Habla Computing to reflect CIRBE regulations, ensuring its processes match the normative.

Using this language enables BP2S to quickly react to change regulations through simple modifications in its code. Also, this code can be easily plugged to different tools, freeing BP2S to tie its business logic to any specific platform.



Know us better

We are a bunch of people with a common passion: achieving better ways to engineer and deliver software products.

Juan Manuel Serrano Hidalgo
CEO & Co-founder
Isabel de la Morena Maroñas
CFO & Co-founder
Sergio Saugar García
Senior software developer
Jesús López González
Senior software developer
Javier Fuentes Sánchez
Senior software developer
Diego Esteban Alonso Blas
Senior software developer
Luis Rodero Merino
Senior software developer
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Please, tell us which are your needs and how do you think we may help you. We will answer you as soon as possible.

-- The Habla Computing team

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Parque Científico Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Room 1.1.C.09

Avenida Gregorio Peces-Barba 1, 28918 Leganés

Madrid, Spain

Phone us: +34 609 252 235

Email us: info@hablapps.com

Check out our contributions

As pioneers in the use of Scala, we founded the Madrid Scala Meetup (affectionally known as #ScalaMAD) and regularly contribute to the Scala community with blog posts, meetup talks, and open source projects.

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Purely Functional Blog

Check out our posts on how to design business languages, and how to use Scala to implement those languages in an embedded way using a purely functional programming style.

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Let's meet up in Madrid! We regularly co-organize Scala meetups once in a month (or more! :)

Check out our contributions

As pioneers in the use of Scala, we founded the Madrid Scala Meetup (affectionally known as #ScalaMAD) and regularly contribute to the Scala community with blog posts, meetup talks, and open source projects.

Purely Functional Blog

Check out our posts on how to design business languages, and how to use Scala to implement those languages in an embedded way using a purely functional programming style.


Check out our open source projects to support the implementation purely functional business languages.


Let's meet up in Madrid! We regularly co-organize Scala meetups once in a month (or more! :)

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