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A curated team of data engineer experts and functional programming evangelists

Pioneers in the use of Scala, with more than ten years of experience in the language and its big data & microservice ecosystem.

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Design and development of critical libraries, frameworks and apps of your codebase

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We have trained over four hundreds programmers on the virtues of Scala & Spark

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Reinforce your development and architectural teams with our experts

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Delivering the quality that your software projects demand

Through more than ten years of activity, we have helped dozens of companies, ranging from start-ups to IBEX companies.

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A portfolio focused on software quality

Whether you need a lightning fast assistance or an expert team to develop a critical part of your software architecture, quality will be our defined feature

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Painless transition to Scala

We can help your teams to achieve a smooth and painless transition from Python/Java programming to writing fully idiomatic, functional Scala code

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Teams leads and mentoring

Strengthen the resilience and quality of your development process with team leads and mentoring capabilities.

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"Low performance"- busters

Help your team of big data scientists and engineers to optimise their ETLs and make the most of the Spark framework .

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Carefully crafted libraries and languages

We leverage a solid background on computer science and hands-on experience to create both well-founded and usable libraries for your software stack

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Passionated developers 

The art, science and engineering of software is in a constant state of flux and demands constant learning. We leverage all this knowledge to deliver just the right design for you -- with no over-engineering!

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