Design & development of solid libraries, languages and applications

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Build a solid and clean codebase for now and the future

You can count on our knowledge and experience in designing well-founded libraries, frameworks and applications, to grow your codebase from a solid start or re-engineer major components from solid principles

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We can help you with:

The design and development of language-driven libraries to be used smoothly by the integrators of your software product

The development of critical parts of your software product

The development of modules and applications of your software stack - those that need the most careful design and planning

Your team's best ally 

We work side by side with your development and architecture teams in order to ensure that the proposed technology fits their know-how and expertise, and can fully embrace and maintain autonomously the proposed solution

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Some success stories in functional architecture development


Helped the advanced analytics lively & lovely team of data scientists and engineers to move from PySpark to Scala Spark, and embrace functional programming


Helping Telefónica to jump on the bandwagon of Scala with several courses for its functional programming tribe


Contributing a course on functional programming for this engaging educational platform for programmers

Santander technology

Development of components and maintenance of a large data lake for the CIO department.

BBVA Data & Analytics

Mixed consultancy & training project. Diagnosis & repair of major performance and memory problems in their Spark projects.


Development of key components and overall AWS architecture of Wiloc’s IoT architecture framework. 


Spark/Scala data ingestion library. An essential component of Jump's framework to speed up registration of new clients.

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