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Join the Madrid Scala Meetup group

We are proud founders and organizers of the Madrid Scala Meetup group, one of the largest Scala meetups with almost 2300 members and 80 events!

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Open source contributions

We are main developers of state-of-the-art open source libraries in the data engineering and functional programming realms, like doric and optica 

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Lambda World

We are proud members of the organizing committee of Lambda World, an awesome event organized by 47 degrees to learn functional programming from recognized experts in Scala, Haskell, etc., and have fun!

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Purely Functional Blog

Check out our posts on functional programming!

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Software conferences

We also regularly attend and speak at software conferences. Meet us at events like Spark summit, Lambda World, Codemotion, etc.

Not everything in life is programming!

We encourage attendance of musical events, and all sort of cultural activities. We are also sponsors of Madrid Personal Trainer (MPT), a lovely interdisciplinary team with a passion for sports! 

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