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Some success stories in functional architecture development

BBVA Corporate Investment Banking

"Habla Computing is an innovative company with a strong focus on delivery. They developed our service for online model inference in trading applications, which has become a core component in our advanced analytics & algorithmic trading platform. Moreover, Habla has been instrumental in our smooth transition to using KDB+/Q for Algorithmic Trading applications. They quickly became proficient in the technology, assisting us in rewriting our legacy code in Python and providing our team of data scientists with tailored training to code efficiently on the platform. Every time we work with them, we have the confidence that they will produce outstanding results in a timely manner."

Javier Sabio - Executive Director
Head of Advanced Analytics & Algorithmic Trading at BBVA


"When we decided at Tecsisa to create a new suite of SaaS products for the electrical market, we faced enormous technical challenges. Habla Computing has been the perfect companion in this process, helping us in leaving behind the Java mindset and embracing Scala and functional programming. But, most importantly, they allowed us to make a huge leap forward in the quality of our architecture through their mastery of domain specific languages. Development speed-ups, top talent retention, and the possibility of offering our users & partners solid integration tools, are just amongst the direct advantages of our colllaboration with Habla."

Juan José Vázquez
Partner & CTO


"Habla Computing has allowed the Mapfre's Advanced Analytics team to essentially increase their competence and skills on distributed computing with Scala and Spark. Their training on these topics masterfully combines both theory and practice, leading to an immediate and effective impact on our everyday work."

Diego J. Bodas Sagi
Director Advanced Analytics MAPFRE Spain


Helped the advanced analytics lively & lovely team of data scientists and engineers to move from PySpark to Scala Spark, and embrace functional programming


Helping Telefónica to jump on the bandwagon of Scala with several courses for its functional programming tribe


Contributing a course on functional programming for this engaging educational platform for programmers

Santander technology

Development of components and maintenance of a large data lake for the CIO department.

BBVA Data & Analytics

Mixed consultancy & training project. Diagnosis & repair of major performance and memory problems in their Spark projects.


Development of key components and overall AWS architecture of Wiloc’s IoT architecture framework. 


Spark/Scala data ingestion library. An essential component of Jump's framework to speed up registration of new clients.

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